Denmark, Days 6 & 7: More wandering around Copenhagen, and then we wandered home

Our last day in Copenhagen found us at Torverhallerne Market, a public market downtown where I could happily shop every day. We grabbed our usual coffee and pastry, and wandered around the shop stalls. We got there just as they were opening for the day, so we had lots of room to roam:


Three artificial lakes separate downtown from the Norrebro neighborhood — we decided to cross the bridge and see what we could see. The neighborhood is home to some shopping and antiques. Unlike Vesterbro, I think Norrebro has always had a reputation as a nice place to live.

Grabbed some shawarma and falafel wraps for lunch at one of the only sit-down fast food joints we saw. Saw this in the dining room


Just about sums it up

After lunch we hopped on the bus to get back to Vesterbro and do a little more shopping before going home to pack. The next morning (Tuesday, May 9) we took our trains back to the airport, grabbed our last cups of Danish coffee, and began the trek home.


We saw so little of Denmark on our trip that I’d love to come back and ride the trains from town to town. For beginner travelers like us, this was such a great country to travel to — no one resented speaking English to us, and everyone was so welcoming and pleasant. The food was good, though expensive. Public transportation was cheap and easy. I’d recommend Copenhagen, with a side trip to Roskilde, to anyone.

So how to sum up Copenhagen? A cosmopolitan city of neighborhoods would be one way. Another would be a diverse, welcoming city with a definite Nordic identity. We should have followed the locals’ leads and biked more than we walked, but we’ll know better next time (if I never see a cobblestone again it will be too soon).

I like to think this is Copenhagen in a nutshell — a recycling spaceship with graffiti: “Glas? Yas!”


Thank you for reading about our little adventure! Hej hej!


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